LeBron James' performance alone won't be enough for the Lakers to succeed in the playoffs.

The supporting cast of the Lakers needs to elevate their game to match James' level.

The Lakers' struggles this season were largely due to injuries and a lack of consistent play from the team.

The playoffs will be a true test of the Lakers' depth and ability to perform under pressure.

The team's success will depend on players like Anthony Davis, Dennis Schroder, and Kyle Kuzma stepping up.

The Lakers' defense will also need to improve, especially with the potential matchups they could face in the playoffs.

The Lakers have the talent to compete for another championship, but they'll need everyone to contribute.

LeBron's leadership and experience will be invaluable, but he can't do it all alone.

The Lakers will need to find a way to stay healthy and manage their rotations effectively.

It's all about execution for the Lakers in the playoffs - they have the pieces, now they just need to put it all together.