Rochelle Walensky's tenure as the CDC director was marked by her handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Walensky's leadership style was characterized by transparency, empathy, and scientific rigor.

Walensky's willingness to listen to experts and adjust her approach based on new data is a hallmark of effective leadership.

Walensky faced significant challenges during her tenure, including pushback from political leaders and vaccine skepticism.

Walensky's efforts to communicate clearly and honestly with the public helped to build trust and confidence in the CDC's guidance.

Walensky's departure underscores the need for strong leadership to guide the country through ongoing public health challenges.

Walensky's legacy will be one of resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to public health.

The lessons learned from Walensky's leadership can inform future efforts to address public health crises and promote health equity.

Walensky's example highlights the importance of balancing scientific evidence with compassion and empathy in leadership.

The departure of Walensky is an opportunity to reflect on the role of leadership in public health and to recommit to building a healthier, more equitable society.