Yes friends google is bringing its own AI

All of you have in the last few days. Must have heard about AI and ChatGPT

ChatGPT had made more than 200 million users in just 2 months and it was being called Google's competition.

But now it really seems that Google has taken it very seriously because now Google's AI system named Bard is going to come.

A few days ago Google CEO Sundar Pichai has given this information through his official blog

Sundar told that Google is working on this for the last 2 years and soon Google bard will be launched for the people.

google bard is being built on lambda (language model of dialog application) technology

An employee working in the Lambra project told that Google Bard is very smart and it gives answers like humans.

Seeing this, it seems that AI war has started in big companies, in which big companies like Microsoft and Google have joined.