How to use a macro in Excel

How to use a macro in Excel

How to use a macro in excel in English: Friends, today I am telling you some essential tips about Microsoft excel. Have to do some work today. You do not think that if we do this work every day if it is done by pressing some excel key shortcut or on some keyboard, then this work. Yes, it is possible that we call it micros.

Introduction of  Macro

Macros are the recording of a series of steps that we replace particularly with icons or keyboard shortcuts.

As we can see on your desktop or laptop that if I bold a word then it is also a macro which we show in shortcut with Ctrl = B, then it is also a kind of micro! Now you guys must be thinking that we should also make a macro, so let’s do this too.

How to Create a Macro?  

To record the macro, first, we will right-click in our status bar and open the macro or else we will go to the view and record the macro, before recording we will define the name of the macro.

How to use a macro in Excel


What is written in these two descriptions is important because if you want to use the macro for someone else, then he will know what will be the output of which macro to use, remember that as soon as you do ok, the same time recording of or The recording of step on is done in the below status bar, in the pass of ready, the mark of recording will be shown, for this I will go to the home icon of the sheet and change the color and make it bold, then as I will do everything at that time I have done it on that sheet, now I stop this macro and use whatever macro I have recorded!

Friends, by using macro, we can do most of our work in a lot of time.

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